How do you get the most out of your viewings?

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Make Your Buyer Feel Welcome

A warm greeting goes a long way, be chatty and friendly but also give people the chance to roam and take their time to look around without feeling crowded or pressured. Allow your potential buyers the time to imagine themselves living in your house.

Be Friendly and Professional

Be confident and helpful towards the buyers viewing your property. Point out your home’s good features but try not to oversell it!

Remember that during the first viewing people just want an idea of what the property is like. At the end of the viewing ask the buyer if there is anything else they would like to know? This will give them a chance to ask about local services, transport and the vibe of the neighbourhood.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions and Be Honest

A potential buyer will appreciate your honesty and willingness to answer their questions. No one expects a property to be perfect so don’t be afraid to share any truths that might end up causing issues later in the selling process.

Give Your Buyer Time and Space to Look Around

Buyers are more at ease without the owners peering around the kitchen cupboards listening for feedback. Children and animals can be a major distraction, send the kids outside to play or arrange childcare. Keep pets out of the way and ideally get someone to look after your dog if you have one.

Always show your property in a clockwise direction. Decide which room is the best feature and start at the opposite end, going around clockwise before you head upstairs (if you have an upstairs).

Other Things You Can Consider

Have printed details of your property to hand – request these from your agent before the Open House weekend and hand these out to your buyers on arrival. It will allow people to make notes along the way and they will have something tangible to take home and review.

Prepare the Property:

See our guide to Getting Your Property Ready, but a few pointers are: 

  • Have a good clear-out
  • Carry out basic repairs
  • Cleaning your carpets and windows
  • Give your house a good dust, seek out those cobwebs and clear anyway any knick-knack items that don’t need to be on show
  • Deep cleaning your bathroom, scrub away limescale, bleach the grout, if necessary re-mastic around the bath
  • Get the outside space in top shape – first impressions are crucial
  • Facilitate easy access and parking on the day

Have Community Information to Hand

It’s great to be able to tell a potential buyer how nice the area is to live, key points you may like to cover for a family are local schools, parks, and community clubs. Focus on the commute time and great transport links if you have them. You can help create a vision of what life may be like if they bought your property.

Get Your Neighbours Involved

Have a quick chat with your neighbours and let them know that you are involved in an Open House event.