How Do You Get Your Property Ready?

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Say goodbye to clutter

Your possessions make your house a home but can also result in clutter. Decluttering is a quick and easy way to make your home look cleaner and more spacious. If you don’t have a loft, garage or basement to stow away the odds and ends you can’t bear to part with, there is always the option of self-storage. It’s a great way of clearing unnecessary furniture out of smaller spaces.

Once the bulk of the clutter is cleared, focus on cleaning, paying specific attention to;

  • Cleaning your carpets and windows
  • Deep cleaning your bathroom, scrub away limescale, if necessary re-mastic around the bath and re-grout for a fresher appearance
  • Give your house a good dust, seek out those cobwebs and clear anyway any knick-knack items that don’t need to be on show

Carry out Basic Repairs

Whether it’s that loose cupboard door or broken fence panel, make sure all repairs are made before any viewings.

Focus on the Wow Factors

Each property will have one or more eye-catching features that can be made a focus point. This could be an open fireplace, a spacious modern kitchen, period features or a stunning outdoor space. Make sure these are pointed out to potential buyers, it will help them to visualise themselves living in your house.

Make the Most of Outdoor Space

For example;

  • Make sure your drive or pathway is clear of any toys or other clutter
  • Do the fences or garden walls need some sprucing up?
  • Weed flower beds, mow the lawn and prune any trees or shrubs
  • Could you add some colour with a few plant tubs or hanging baskets?
  • Paint the front door if it’s looking shabby
  • Polish the letterbox, numbers and any other accessories
  • Ensure the doorbell works
  • In the back garden, clear away any hose pipes or tools
  • Make sure rubbish and recycling bins are tidied away

Use scents to create ambience

It’s all well and good making your home look nice, but what about the smell?

Pets, smoking, cooking... all the things that can easily become the norm and unnoticed to you but might stop someone from loving your home. It may be an old cliché, but the smell of fresh coffee will give a home a friendly and welcoming aroma.

Before a viewing, open all of your windows to give your house a good airing and light a scented candle to give your home a warm, welcoming aroma. Freshly cut flowers will also give a sweet scent and will give the house a cared-for feeling.